PMC in Las Vegas, NV

Listing: PMC002

  • Market Center:  Las Vegas, NV
  • Asking Price:  Negotiable
  • Terms: All cash or completed financing at close. Seller available to consult for up to 30 days.
  • Number of Units Managed:  206
  • Average Rent Collected Per Unit:  $1,650 Per Month
  • Gross Annual Management Revenue Trailing 12 Months:  $430,594
  • Gross Annual Maintenance Revenue Trailing 12 Months:  $244,620
  • Combined Gross Annual Revenue Trailing 12 Months:  $675,214
  • Annual Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE):  $545,000
  • Employees  1 Property Manager & Maintenance Coordinator, 1 PM Assistant & Owner Services, 1 Leasing Coordinator. Maintenance staff is hired based on demand and work scheduled.


Narrative:  The seller of this company has multiple other businesses currently in the property management space. Seller is looking to divest and focus more on growth in other areas. Seller is looking for an all cash (or financing) deal and is able to consult or be readily available for up to 30 days past closing. Seller is not interested in owner financing any portion of the purchase. Seller does not want employees or owners to have any knowledge of this potential transaction and requests all information to be retained in strict confidence. The market center is located in Las Vegas, NV. The Property Manager Broker will not represent either party in this transaction providing only an introduction and requested guidance to the seller or buyer. All efforts to consummate a deal are the sole responsibility of the seller and buyer.

Opportunity:  We feel this is a perfect opportunity for an existing management company in the Las Vegas, Nevada market to grow through an acquisition – or to get their foothold into that burgeoning market with the bigger opportunity for expanded growth. The high profit margin (SDE) would translate well to an existing local marketing company as a tuck in to their existing business.

Inquiries:  To find out more, we ask that you fill out the information requested below providing as much detail as possible.  This will be presented to the seller for contact consideration with the next steps being a review and signing of a non-disclosure agreement.  Once complete, seller will offer full financials and entertain offers through a non-binding Letter of Intent.